The Lombard family has built each one of our four locations with one thing in mind and one thing at heart - family. Each course was not only built with great pride but staffed as such, with our employees present to ensure that our number one priority (your happiness) is maintained just as well as our beautiful courses. The experience we strive for isn’t just minigolf. It really is a full adventure.

Our locations are landscaped and outfitted with everything that you may need. Food, drinks, and entertainment are only the beginning when you visit one of our branches and it’s only going up from here. Our flagship branch in the Hillfox Value Centre is the pinnacle of our success story. As the company grew, other attractions were tested and added to expand the experience that we could provide to our customers and thus, the Hillfox Branch was born.

As we grow, we strive to implement all of those incredible offerings in each and every one of our branches so that families across Gauteng can experience a full restaurant, bar, trampoline park AND our irreplaceable golfing adventures at a course nearby. Pride is an understatement. We have nothing but love for our family AND chosen family that we find in our staff and customers at Adventure Golf.


We have spent the last three decades providing our patrons with memories, entertainment, and smiles and there is NOTHING that we value more than that special bond between family. Not only our own family that founded this business, but the family we’ve made in the patrons who we have been lucky enough to cater for over the last three decades. Before anything else, Adventure Golf exists to provide that integral space where ALL people can take a break from trepidation. There’s no need to suspend your disbelief - we’ll handle that for you. Your Adventure awaits...

Business Opportunities

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